Visitor’s Guide To Corcovado National Park

While vacationing in Costa Rica, it’s essential to visit Corcovado National Park at least once. It’s one of the best national parks in Costa Rica because there are countless activities for visitors to try. For example, Corcovado Park is best known for having Central America’s largest population of scarlet macaws and 400 other bird species. In essence, the nature park’s extensive assortment of wildlife serves as the perfect activity for wanderlust travelers. Since El Castillo Boutique Luxury Hotel understands the challenge of planning a vacation in unfamiliar territory, so we’ve created a tell-all list of our favorite Corcovado National Park activities.  

Corcovado National Park Costa Rica Hiking

Costa Rica hiking is different at each scenic spot. We urge guests to start their Corcovado visit with one, or all five entrances, known as El Tigre, San Pedrillo, Los Patos, La Sirena, La Leona. If this is your first time hiking in Corcovado Park, we suggest walking from Sirena Station to La Leona station. Along the way, you’ll see ample Corcovado wildlife and breathtaking beaches.  

Corcovado National Park Wildlife

Corcovado National Park Wildlife
Costa Rica embodies multiple geological features, such as mangrove swamps, parallel shorelines, plush beaches, lowland rain forests, highland cloud forets, and jolillo palm forest. The divers terrains come with an equally diverse wildlife population. When it comes to Corcovado Park’s wildlife, there are four monkey species, six feline species, four sea turtle species, 28 lizard species, and over 100 species of butterflies.

Corcovado National Park Tours via Boat

If whale-watching sounds of interest to you while vacationing in Costa Rica, you’ll adore the Corcovado National Park tours lead on a boat. Whale watching season is in full effect during August, September, and October so that you may see humpback whales and dolphins from the boat. Keep in mind that getting to the boat tour is what’s challenging; guests typically take a boat to Drake Bay first and then board another vessel which heads to Corcovado National Park.  

Corcovado Beaches

Corcovado Beaches
When hiking through Corcovado, you’ll likely break a sweat, especially in the sticky, hot temperatures. To cool off, walk along the 23 miles of beaches and find the perfect spot to wade in. Please be mindful when visiting the beaches. We’d like Corcovado’s guests to leave the beach clean, and remember that various sharks and crocodiles live in the area. 

El Castillo Boutique Hotel

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