Health & Safety


El Castillo's Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean environment allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation. Here is how we do it.

  • Alcohol for hand sanitation is available in the room and in all common areas
  • All meals in the restaurants are served a la carte, no buffets
    Restaurant seating is at a safe distance
  • During food preparation, we use separate utensils for raw vs cooked meat
  • Surveys are conducted on all food and beverage vendors to ensure good safety practices
  • Local vendors are used when possible to reduce product handling
  • Bars are void of all objects and products that guests can touch
  • Touchable surfaces are disinfected each day
  • Frequently used surfaces, like door knobs, are disinfected multiple times per day
  • Masks and gloves are used by staff where appropriate
  • Masks and gloves are made available for guests by request
  • Housekeeping wears gloves during the cleaning process
  • All surfaces in the rooms are disinfected each day
  • Between guests the rooms are thoroughly disinfected with a fogger
  • All linens are washed in hot water with eco-friendly detergents
  • In common areas, fans and air conditioners are used to keep the air fresh
  • No cash is accepted, only credit and debit cards for hygiene reasons
  • Employees are encouraged not to touch their faces and properly wash their hands often
  • Employees are educated on proper hygiene and safety
  • Employees are local and questioned about their health on a daily basis
  • Safety and hygiene information is available for guests

Be safe and enjoy!

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