Here’s Why Experienced Travelers Prefer Boutique Hotels

Knowledgeable travelers around the globe are gravitating away from large “brand name” hotels to the more intimate “boutique” category of hotels. While there is no strict definition for the term, below is a short definition by USA Today:

“Boutique hotels are characterized by their intimate atmosphere and idiosyncratic style. They distinguish themselves from larger chain hotels by offering personalized attention and styled accommodations which play on a motif.” – USA Today

Why does style beat size and why does personalization beat uniformity in the case of hotel accommodations? The proof is in guest reviews; overall, boutique hotels get far superior reviews. If you’re curious to know more about why smaller can be better in hospitality, here’s our take on it:

  • Intimate atmosphere
    One significant benefit of choosing a boutique hotel is simply a matter of size. The ambiance of a small hotel is much warmer and “homier,” while still maintaining a sense of luxury.
  • Highly personalized service
    Simply put: when your hotel is smaller, your staff will know you better. They will know your name, they’ll remember how you like your coffee, and you’ll be pampered like you own the place!


  • Unique design and luxurious accommodations
    Boutique hotels are usually intricate and well-designed, combining local style with elegant furnishings and materials. They’re also unique, unlike larger chains, which tend to be cookie cutter. Like many boutique hotels, El Castillo was purchased based on a passion for the community and creating a special experience for guests. A warm welcoming ambiance is the heart of the experience.
  • Local feel
    If you want to feel at home in a foreign country, go for a boutique hotel. You’ll be immersed in the local culture without feeling out of place or uncomfortable.
  • Gourmet food
    The bars and restaurants in boutique hotels are typically quaint, authentic, and use locally-sourced ingredients. The same is true for El Castillo; Azul restaurant located inside the hotel is ranked as one of the top restaurants in the area.


  • Exclusive experience
    The overall experience of a boutique hotel can be summed up in one word: stories. When your stay is warm and personalized, you’ll be buzzing with stories when you return home. Maybe they’ll be about that cool bartender who you joked around with, the chef who made a dish special for you, or even the funny concierge who doted on you everyday. You know that you have had a special experience when you can’t stop talking about it with friends and family! That type of experience is impossible to replicate if you’re just one of a hundred guests in a large hotel chain.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of a boutique hotel experience, we invite you to join us at El Castillo! We would love to have you as our guest.



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