Why Purchase a Hotel in Costa Rica?

My wife and I purchased El Castillo in the summer of 2015. Was this a good investment? Let’s take a look at the facts from a businessman’s perspective:

1) Risk: It’s in a foreign country – Strike One!
2) Liquidity: It can take years to sell a property in Costa Rica – Strike Two!
3) Leverage: It was a cash purchase – Strike Three!
4) Industry: We have no experience with the hospitality industry – Strike Four!

Three strikes and you are out – four strikes and you are down for the count. The answer seems obvious – it was a terrible investment – but wait…

El Castillo is a magical place with arguably one of the most dramatic views in the world. A single visit and we fell in love with the place like so many others before us. The staff is absolutely incredible – just check out the guest reviews!

This purchase was all about passion. Was it a good investment from a financial perspective? Probably not. Was it a good investment from a life dream perspective – absolutely!

We would love to have you as our guest. Contact me on LinkedIn and I will personally assist you with planning your trip to El Castillo and provide you with a significant discount. Follow your dreams!

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