Reconnect with Nature: Go Mangrove Kayaking near Uvita

When tourists make a reservation at El Castillo Boutique Luxury Hotel, they get the best of both worlds—a luxurious stay at the finest boutique hotel in Costa Rica and captivating nature escapades. Couples who thrive on adventure will love the mangrove kayaking tours available near this award-winning Costa Rica resort. These outings provide guests with an opportunity to explore the tropical rainforests from a different vantage point, view local wildlife, and bond with their significant other amid an incredible experience.   

Mangrove Kayaking near El Castillo’s Costa Rica Hotel

A mangrove is technically a small tree or shrub that prospers in brackish water. They are abundant in tropical climates and provide homes for a variety of land and sea creatures. Year-round, couples embark on mangrove kayaking adventures and bask in the beautiful and diverse ecosystem that thrives around El Castillo, a romantic Costa Rica luxury resort. Tours can be booked any day of the week and last roughly three-and-a-half hours. Those who wish to have a more customizable and intimate outing can pay a little extra for a private mangrove kayaking tour near Uvita. Departure times may vary depending on the tide schedule.

Bahia Adventures

If guests would like to venture to the sea and explore mangroves, they should consider reserving a tour via Bahia Adventures. Bahia’s kayaking tour starts at Uvita Beach and paddles towards one of the prettiest Costa Rican coral reefs, with the option to engage in a snorkeling session before surfing through coastal mangroves. Bahia Adventures also provides snacks, water, and all the necessary equipment.  

Uvita 360°

Couples seeking a leisurely paddle around Uvita’s mangroves should consider reserving a tour through Uvita 360°. Kayakers have the best seat in the house on these tours, so cameras are always recommended. Some of the wildlife that people often see among the mangroves include monkeys, parrots, iguanas, and toucans. 

El Castillo: One of the Best Adult-Only Hotels in Costa Rica

For years, those seeking a luxury destination for adventurous couples have flocked to El Castillo Boutique Luxury Hotel. El Castillo offers a singular, compelling experience from the decadent, on-site dining experience at Castillo’s Kitchen and spectacular suites with outstanding ocean views to the plethora of nearby jungle adventures. Whether couples seek a foodie-lovers’ paradise, nautical adventures, or adrenaline-pumping activities, this adult-only Costa Rica hotel offers stellar, all-inclusive packages for every interest. Planning a memorable and enticing getaway starts with pursuing an online offering or sending an email to El Castillo Boutique Luxury Hotel.

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